Study with disability

We here here at Noon of Applied Sciences strongly think that any student, regardless of their disability, should be able to pursue the same educational opportunities. So if you are as person that has a disability that is interested in studying here in Noon University you can be assured that our University facilities are equipped with disabled parking, ramps and lifts for ease of access. We also allow our to have more time during the exams. For more information about benefits for disabled students, please visit

Disability sign

We do our utmost to accommodate students with special needs by making individual arrangements.

These arrangements can be:

  • Extend to the lectures and exams
  • More liberal attendance policy
  • Enlarged fonts or different color paper
  • Test in Braille or audio
  • peer tutoring

Let us know

Get in contact with our student councillors before you begin your course or as soon after the start of your studies. Make sure that you have with you all important and relevant documents with you for example a certificate from your GP, attending physician or psychologist/psychiatrist. This is important in order for us to make the arrangements and modifications necessary for your course.

Practical Information

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