Evening Lectures


Twice a month we here at Noon University hold evening guest lectures where we get experts in the fields of business, aerospace or information technology come and hold lectures for students and the public.

People come form all over the world and hold lectures so this is a great opportunity for students and other interested parties to come and learn about the newest innovation and philosophies in the fields that where mentioned above.

It is all so possible for students at Noon university to hold lecture for the public about their project. this is a great opportunity to branch out in the industry that they are studying and we highly recommended that student use this opportunity.

If you are a student and are interested holding a lecturer , get in contact with the Noon Offices.

The evening lecture are held on Mondays Wednesdays and fridays after 7 pm.

Dates and time and any other relevant information about evening lectures will be posted in events on Noon University home page.

Hope to see you there.

Practical Information

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