Information Technology

About course

Can you imagine yourself developing the website, or programming the robot? Then the Information technology course is ideal for you. Information technology involves everything regarding embedded systems, i.e. designing and programming systems that contain a computer or microcontroller which is not visible on the outside. Electronics is usually a part of the embedded system, and quite of ten mechatronics are involved too. Think of an autonomous robot, a drone or an intelligent baby monitor.

Career opportunities

By the time you graduate, you will be fully prepared for a career in the world of IT. You will understand the workings of the latest innovative technologies and you will know how you can apply these technologies in practice for end users. Thanks to the huge demand for IT specialists, a wide range of jobs are within your reach. For example, depending on the course you have followed, you could set to work within the IT department of a large organisation, within a specialised IT company or you could go it alone as a programmer or IT analyst.
You could decide to look for a job in The Netherlands, but you could also launch your career in your home country or elsewhere. And if you prefer to continue with your studies, that’s no problem. In The Netherlands, there are plenty of opportunities to further expand your knowledge.

Practical Information

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